Because I Thought You Should Know…

I don’t think you know shit.

I told you that you were great. You told me I was amazing.

But you are wrong.

I am really fucking amazing.

And I’m brilliant.

And I’m smart.

And I’m funny.

And I’m pretty.

And I’m in love with you.

And we hold fun conversation.

And we surprisingly fit together physically.

And on top of all that,

I love you

and I care for you so fucking much,

at the same level as your mom.

so no, you did not settle.

Never think that you settled.

I should never think you settled.

In fact, you got way more than you ever deserved.

The only person settling in this case

is me.

So you should consider yourself lucky.

Because you have no idea

how lucky you got.




They looked at the poem

And tried to interpret

The meaning behind the lines.

They read through the stanzas

And tried to pick

Apart each piece for clues.

They annotated through the clauses

And tried to pull out

The significance of the title.

They searched through the words

And pried the letters

Open to relate to the speaker

And they found absolutely nothing.

You are now stories

You are now stories upon stories

Of “I knew someone that…”

and “I had a friend who…”.

Anecdotes I tell when

I want to pull out something

Entertaining from my back pocket.


You are now pages on pages

Of ink-filled smiles and tears,

Tucked in between chapters,

Entries I write and reread

To remember what I want to remember.


You are now pictures stacked on pictures

Of funny faces

and twinkling eyes,

Hidden laughter and anger

behind the scenes.


You are now memories,

peeking from corners of my mind

that I didn’t know existed,

pieces I didn’t know I kept.


All the things that

I am trying to forget.


“Why does this distinction matter? In some instances, it doesn’t much… But there are clearly cases when how failure happens is central to understanding why failure happens.”

Malcom Gladwell, The Art of Failure


There are

two types of failure.

Choking and panicking.




When you know it by heart,

but cannot react.



Not thinking,

When you don’t know it all.

You have no choice,

but to do nothing.




Close your eyes

And remember

The last mistake you made.

Half Circles

How am I?

I’m okay.

I miss you though.

I walk around in circles sometimes,

Just waiting to run into you,

Even though I know it will make me mad,

How you won’t say anything.

And so while I half search for you,

I also half hope I won’t find you.

Because I don’t really need that.

To half want someone that barely wants me.

One Day

One day,

Amazing things will happen.

New people will be met.

New friends will be made.


One day,

Amazing things will happen.

New places will be seen.

New places will be discovered.


One day,

Amazing things will happen.

New memories will be made.

New memories will cover the old.


One day,

Amazing things will happen.

Adventures will be had.


For now,

You wait.


This was going to be his poem for my pocket. Like everything, this was dedicated to him. Perhaps next year…

The Familiar Air of the Nighttime

you are fleeting,




In a glance,

it will all be over.

and all that will be left

will be pieces,

and remembrances,

and memories.

and maybe it’s ironic to try and catch fleeting,

because it will slip from your hands.

but what if fleeting is exploring,



you are fleeting,


you are adventure,

adventure itself.

and how can one live without adventure.

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