“If I still feel the same way about you 3 months from now or 6 months or 7 months or time from now, then I’m gonna to run back for you sweet potato. Or fuck, I really hope you run back for me this time. I’m tired of running in circles for you. So for now I’ll just sit and watch us wade through our own confusion. I don’t know what I want either. Fuck why does this always have to be hard on me and not you? I love you a lot. And I miss you. And I blocked you on everything because I cannot stand seeing you not there. This is not the waiting game. This is figuring out what we want. And I don’t deserve to be waiting around for you to show up. So I’ll be trying to move on now. And we’ll both be going on dates with strangers then. I hope you don’t fall in love with anyone. And I hope I don’t either. Because even though I’m confused right now, my heart’s stuck on you. And I’m so in love with you. I want you. Don’t you get that? And it’s crazy that I pick you every time. But right now, we’re both right. We need space. If I feel the same way about you around November or whenever past our month, past our date, after not talking to you and not being with you, then I suppose I’ll know what I want. And hopefully, you’ll make the first move, so I’ll know you feel the same way too.”



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