Texting: Who Answers and Who Doesn’t

What is this? I just spent the last three hours, on and off texting my classmate, anticipating my ex-boyfriend to text me so we can we can plan what we’re gonna do on Monday. But no, he answers one text like every three hours. At least my classmate texts me back fast and he and I were just texting about class on and off for almost three hours. And all I originally  wanted to know was about the homework. And here I am, still wondering why he hasn’t texted me back yet. All I wanted to know was what museum he wanted to go to, that question is almost three hours old. And I texted ‘Are you there?’ almost an hour ago, to no response.

Maybe this shows I’m chasing after the wrong boy. Because what is he doing but not answering me? I’m gonna skip class for him and I’m all excited to see him, but he’s just not here. My classmate was more “here” for me today than he was. Damn, and he’s still texting me. Why can’t it be the other guy? Why can’t it be my ex-boyfriend’s messages lighting up the screen of my cellphone. Maybe his texts are lighting up the screen of some other girl’s cellphone tonight.


One thought on “Texting: Who Answers and Who Doesn’t

  1. slacker3597 says:

    I don’t know him so trust your instinct…but I’m one of those terrible people who doesn’t check my phone for hours at a time if I’m busy with something. It doesn’t matter who you are. If I’m out with other friends I just feel it’s rude to be checking my phone. If I’m out busy with something (like at a museum), it’s so distracting to be compulsively pulling my phone out of my bag and putting it back in, so I let myself forget about it. It may not be the answer you want to hear, but at least it may not be YOU, if that helps. That’s the best I’ve got. :\

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