These Earrings, Unanswered Texts, and Other Random Worries

So now he’s not talking to me because he’s probably annoyed with me asking the same questions. And someone commented on an old post from a month ago, saying that my then-ex-boyfriend isn’t into me. And uggggh, then I texted him about it because it was making me mad, worrying that it’s true, when I already know he loves me a lot. I just feel really annoyed and a little frustrated right now. Like I know these earring he gave me, I know that he bought them for me as one of my Christmas gifts, but sometimes I make myself worry over the thought that maybe he didn’t mean to buy them for me, maybe he meant to buy them for someone other girl. But I know that’s made up. he’s annoyed with me continuously asking that question among other random, repeated questions that I know the answers too already. And I’m standing here with my made up worries racking my mind with a boyfriend who won’t text back because he’s annoyed with the unreal worries that pop out of nowhere. Maybe it’s better if I just leave him the hell alone for awhile before I go off out of nowhere with questions like ‘why didn’t we talk a week before we got back together? Why didn’t you answer my calls? Why did we even get back together? What made you change your mind when you were confused two weeks before that? Did you feel better after you thought about us for a week and half, during the time you didn’t show up for me?’

I am little scared with the thought of ‘what if never answers my texts back or calls me back during vacation and forgets me and ignores me on the purpose of never coming back?’

Shit, I jst need to breathe instead of panicking. It’s alright girl. It’s alright. You saw him yesterday morning. I need to calm my ass down and realize I worry myself over nothing all the time.


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