Being Bored with Myself

Honestly, I understand why he’s not answering me back. I think I’m being a pain in the ass right now. Like seriously, nothing was wrong and then I went and brought up the same questions I’ve been asking for the last three weeks. And then he got mad at me. Also, I’ve just been sitting here, trying to make up problems when I know deep down, nothing is actually wrong. Pretty much everything that’s ever been a problem has already been resolved, lies have already been unraveled, talked about, accepted, apologized for, made up for. Like I know he loves me and I love him and our relationship is really great, but I think it’s me.

Yeah, maybe the problem is just me making problems. I’m just mad at him right now for I don’t know what when I know nothing’s really wrong. I think I just don’t know how to be content with us being good right now. I just don’t know how to not worry or  how not think about shit that’s not real. Like I’m a little worried that he’ll never text back when I already know he will. Like right now, I’m just mad that he’s not texting me back even though I totally understand why he’s not. Honestly though, I just need something to do because me and him don’t actually have a real problem to argue about except that I cant shut up with my made up problems.

Fuck you know I’m sorry that I brought my made up problems up again like a broken record, but then again, I’m not sorry.

And I know he’ll eventually text back, either tonight or tomorrow when he’s over me being a pain in the ass. Wow, I’m just really bored right now. Maybe I’m just bored of me and my made up problems.


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