Realizing That I Really Am Making Made-up Problems

We’ve had a few arguments, all through text. And the last argument though…He got me there.

He basically told me we only hang out when I can because I can only go out at certain times. And for the few times he can’t hang out, I go off. He said something about if I stopped talking so much, maybe t would give him time to actually reach out first. He said if I weren’t such a child, there would be no problems with other girls. Basically, he’s saying there only problems with other girls because I’m being immature and jealous for no reason. He tells me that we have no actual problems. I’m just being unhappy for no reason.

To be completely real though, things were not said so neatly since he was mad at me, they were actually said meanly in between bad words.

And after reading everything, it made me feel mad and upset, but then I really looked at it and realized that I didn’t have a counter argument. Because what he said was true.

In most respects, what he said to me, that’s true.

And I didn’t reply back because I wasn’t sure how to feel. I didn’t want to be mad because he said real things and I didn’t want to admit he was right. And I also didn’t want to apologize first. In the end though, I waited and he apologized for going off last night.

I emailed him the other day about the things that were bothering me. And sure it’s about other girls that he’s friends with, even though I don’t believe him to be cheating and I actually completely trust that he wouldn’t cheat on me. So I guess that just make me jealous for no good reason. yeah, I want to be the only girl whatsoever I his life, but that isn’t healthy, especially since I can talk to whoever I want without ever having to worry tat he would be jealous or mad at me. And I know he’s going to have to tone it down with hanging out with other girls just because I want him to. And I’m going to tell him that. But honestly, I don’t think he’d ever cheat on me or fool around, so I think I’m just worrying for no reason.

And yeah, the other thing that was bothering me was that I always reach out first, especially since we got back together since I reached out first. Honestly though, I’m really unsure how far along I can stretch this argument because I really like that we got back together. And even though I reached out first, I told him I would wait for him and in the end because there was a moment he was unsure, he did choose me.

And so I really am just making myself unhappy, making up shit that makes me upset even though I know it’s made up. Damn should stop worrying about nothing. I should stop making up shit to bother me.

I’m actually really happy that we got back together. And honestly, I’m not worried about him leaving me or us breaking up. And I’m not actually worried about him cheating on me because I don’t think he ever would.

So I’m going to stop complaining now. Because in reality, we don’t actually have real problems. We’re okay. And we love each other very problem. So what the hell? We’re all good.


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