Why I Turned Off My Phone

And like almost always, after writing about him, I began to miss him and I began to realize that maybe I was being stupid. So I caved. And I asked if he was still mad at me.

And he said lol, I was the one who was mad.

And so I said that I stopped being mad this morning after I went to church. And I asked about his night. I asked what he did. Then I said maybe he was at work. After twenty minutes or so of no response, I got a text back saying ‘dude stop. I’m fucking driving’.

And I was like, how in the hell was I supposed to know that. Don’t call me dude, it’s gross. Why in the hell did he have to be mean about it?I was trying to make up with him but he was being an asshole for no reason.

And he said didn’t have something else to do besides just be upset with him.

And I said I wasn’t mad. I just had a lot of questions. Like what happened to him last night And why did he have to get his haircut over there? And why didn’t he just get a haircut by himself? Why did he have to go with his pretty coworker? The story just sounded weird. And why did he have to be with her for the entire afternoon ( I don’t actually know that, I made that up). Does he not text me back/ text me back meanly because he doesn’t want anyone to know he has a girlfriend? Like I wasn’t mad. I just had a lot of questions and I was unsure whether to be mad or not. Because now it seems like he was mad for reasons that aren’t really that much. I said I’d feel a lot better if we talked about it soon.

And he said he wasn’t mad, he was just busy.

And I asked if he was working.

And he said he was with his mom.

And I said ‘Baby, are you really with your mom or are you just saying that again because you’re doing other things? Like really don’t lie. (Yeah, in the past, I think my boyfriend’s told me he was with his mom when really he’s off bullshitting or when he just doesn’t want to talk to me).

And he said ‘with my mom’.

And I asked if he would text me later. And if we could see each other tomorrow.

And he said he’d text me when he was free, but why tomorrow?

And I told him because its Monday. And I have a break. And I haven’t spent time with him since Thursday.

And he told me to please relax. That it hasn’t been that long. NO, he wasn’t going to see me tomorrow.

And I asked why.

And he said because he would rather not. That he was fucking annoyed with me.



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