When You’re Mad About the Time When You and Your Boyfriend Broke Up For Real…

Uggggh, I just looked up that girl from Halloween, the one he made out with when we were broken up. And I’ve done it before, but now I was just scrolling through her twitter because now her Instagram’s private. And it feels so weird because I know that she’s no threat but I’m doing it anyway. And like I know she has a boyfriend, and that she had just met my-then-ex-boyfriend that night. Umm, when he asked her to hang out a two days later, she said she had a boyfriend. Like, she didn’t mean anything and he didn’t mean anything to her either. And I’m just sitting her, tripping  over this hoe for no reason, except that my boyfriend’s a real idiot. I hate that he kissed someone else.

And I know all this because my boyfriend let me read through the texts before we deleted them. Ugggh, and I know nothing’s up with them because she actually does have a boyfriend and I know he’s with me, I’m just hella nosy and bored right now and slightly mad, yeah I’m slightly mad.


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