That Line From Friends…

So my boyfriend tried to humor me last week with the line from Friends: “We were on a break!” in order to somehow justify how he drunkenly made out with a girl at a Halloween party and then tried to ask her to go out a few days later, when we were broken up for about a month. And at first, that joke did make me laugh.

And so I watched that episode when Rachel and Ross go on a break. And I thought it would make me feel better. And no, no it doesn’t make me feel better. Because Rachel doesn’t take Ross back. And it makes me a little but more angrier at my boyfriend. And yeah, all that shit happened over a month ago with that hoe. And we just got back together when I found out about it. And I still took him back.

Wow, my boyfriend really knows how to keep me mad at him. I don’t even really know if I still want to be with him.

In August we were technically already broken up, but we were still seeing each other and sill saying I love you. I kept wanting to et back together and he kept not wanting to. And on October the 6th, we spent the day together and messed around and he told me we should take some space from each other. And so we shook on the end of our relationship. And then after that, I kept trying to contact him, but he never answered. (Meanwhile, he had already made out with the girl at the Halloween party. And he had already texted her on November 2nd to do something, but she said she had a boyfriend). In the second week of November, he finally answered. And in that phone call, he said he wasn’t seeing anyone. And we talked about how we missed each other and a little about what I had been doing and very vaguely about him and we said I love you at the end of the call. And so that Sunday, I wrote him a love letter. And he texted me that  Monday for lunch on Tuesday. And we had a great time and we acted like a couple. But he didn’t want to get back together because he didn’t know what he wanted. Then we agreed to talk again.

(Although, side note:  Over breakfast that day, we were talking about a friend of his who has a girlfriend, but made out with another girl at a party. And he thought that wasn’t too weird. I thoought it was weird. Perhaps, I should’ve known by then, like it should’ve been a clue.)

And the next day we saw each other and we were very annoyed. I was on my period and I was acting really grumpy.

That next Sunday, I wrote him another love letter. And I asked if we were still seeing each other that Wednesday. And he never answered any of my phone calls or texts or emails. And he didn’t show on Wednesday. And I was devastated. And I wrote him an upset, disappointed email.

Fast forward to last Sunday, I texted him. And he answered back. And I asked about lunch. And he said yes, we could go the beach or visit my new university town. And he seemed really excited.

And that next day we got back together. Because he missed me. And he loves me very much.

Sorry for the play by play. I’m just trying to figure out what I want. because I’m still pretty pissed off about the hoe from the Halloween party, kissing my boyfriend, my boyfriend kissing her.


5 thoughts on “That Line From Friends…

    • ceciliagraca says:

      I kinda wonder about that too…
      I think he had told me that he was going to. But honestly, I don’t know what would’ve happened. I’m guessing, he would’ve eventually reached out.

      But honestly, I kinda like that I did reach out. Waiting was taking too long and I felt like I was running out of time.


      • Michael says:

        I know it is tough to wait. It seems that you are worrying about him not reaching out to you or wanting to see you, right? Wait…if he doesn’t reach out then he doesn’t feel the same about you as you do about him. This could be painful to realize but it is better to know than waste your emotional energy on a guy that doesn’t care the way you want your man to care about you.


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