And so he texts me tonight, saying ‘I’m sorry honey. To be clearer, her “friend” is the dude she’s fucking. That’s all we did that day.’ Then he told me goodnight, he was going to bed.

And so I said goodnight, I love you baby. And I asked if we were seeing each other tomorrow. tell me when he wakes up.

After sending that,  realized I had a lot more questions, as follows:

Now just to be sure I’m reading this correctly, I guess he means that he only got  a haircut with her and then he went home. I’m not gonna lie he wrote that last sentence: ‘that’s all we did that day’ came out pretty weirdly. Does he mean all he did for the time he was over there was get a haircut or all that happened was that his coworker fucked her friend? He probably just means that all they did was get his hair cut.

But still, why did he have to get his hair cut with her at some out of the way place?

And I was already bothered that he went with the pretty coworker. And now I’m especially more bothered that he told me that she’s ‘fucking’ her friend. Now that just sounds like she’s some sort of slut too.

My boyfriend is horrible at trying to explain himself. He could’ve phrased this in so many better, respectable ways. But then again, I’d probably still be mad.


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