My Random Worry

Okay, so maybe the worry isn’t do random. But what if we got together because he was really into the girl he met at the party, but then he found out that she had a boyfriend when he asked her to hang out two days after.

A quick play-by-play of the last month:

So he found out that she had a boyfriend, and it just so happened I called him about two weeks after. And I wrote him a love letter a few days later. And then a day later, he asked me to lunch. And we had a great time. Like we had a really great time and we did all the things couples do. And we said I love you and everything was happy. And even though he told me he didn’t know what he wanted, I told him I would wait for him.

Then after not seeing me the day we planned a week later, I wrote an angry, upset letter.  And I didn’t talk to him for a few days. And when I finally did text him and asked about lunch, he was suddenly very excited and eager to see me. And when he picked me up and we were driving in his car, we were really happy and he was asking me what I wanted to do that day. And while driving, he asked me what are new date would be, would we keep the old one? And that’s when we got back together.

And I know he told me that that girl meant nothing and that I’m the only one. But like what if we only got back together because he was upset that he got turned down by her? Like what if we only got back together because he really did like her for those few moments he mingled and drank and made out and felt on her at the Halloween party? And like what if getting back with me just consoles him because he didn’t get the girl he wanted?

Okay, maybe this is just a random worry because I know why we actually got back together. we got back together because he missed me and he loves me very much. And yeah, even before I knew about the girl, he was about to buy me this $300 bag. Honestly,  I think he would’ve bought me anything I wanted while we were out that day. (And yes, after the story about the girl, which in the end, he told me what happened, I told him I wanted the bag, perhaps out of madness though). And even after I learned about what happened at the party, like we’re still together and he’s basically doing anything I want him to do.

So I guess I’m just worrying for no reason. I mean, the boy only loves me. I shouldn’t be wasting my time tripping over hoes.


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