Cuddling Season: Finally Getting What You Wanted

Well, it all worked out. My boyfriend and I got back together.

And to be honest, I feel really great about it, but now I have to cope with everything that happened in between. He said he didn’t show up last Wednesday because he was an asshole. And I think I had him apologize a few times. And in the end, I learned what happened in the middle, he messed around at a Halloween party. And made out with some random girl and they all felt each other up. And I read the texts, that she had a boyfriend and he told her that he’d be there during the off period. That was the end of that (November 2nd).

And he told me in the end after trying to lie about it, which I then read the texts and he had to tell me. And no he said they didn’t sleep together. And he said it didn’t mean anything. And I believe him. And he apologized. And I forgave him. And he deleted the messages. And he told me while driving back, he just wanted to make everything right.

And right now, I’m trying  not to think about it. Honestly, I’m trying to focus on being happy that I finally got what I wanted. I finally got my boyfriend back.

All I had to do was text him last night. And I asked him if he wanted to have lunch.

And he replied back.

And when I got in the car,  I wasn’t the only one excited. Because he was excited too. And he had plans for us.

And during the drive, he asked me what I wanted out date to be. Did I still want it to be the 8th? And I asked if he meant that we were getting back together. And he said we were getting back together.

And I asked why. And he told me he missed me. And he told me he loves me.

And we took pictures with the big Christmas tree. And he took me where I wanted to go. And he tried buying me my gift for Christmas. And when I got upset with him today, he told me he didn’t want to take the easy way out, of not speaking and going on a break. And we held hands and he walked on the right side of the street. And he kept telling me he loves me. And he told me I could ask him any question I wanted. And was all very nice.

And while the thought of that girl upsets me inside, I feel a lot better than before. We finally got back together.

Now everything feels right. And everything feel balanced. And it all makes more sense now.

This afternoon I felt exhausted because I didn’t know how to feel. but after taking these last few hours and eating something, I can honestly say I’m really happy. It doesn’t matter what happens in the middle if we end up together in the end.

I feel really good right now. hey, my boyfriend and I got back together. Fuck the rest.

Golly, I love my boyfriend, but I bet you already knew that.






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