Things I Shouldn’t Do: Overanalyze Tumblr

And I begin the morning by looking through his Tumblr, trying to overanalyze things that don’t really need much explanation. Things he thinks are really funny, videos that he finds amusing. Stuff like that.

But then I noticed he pinned this quote with a lady and some man. It doesn’t really matter who was in the picture, all that matters is the quote on the bottom:

“They either want to think we’re madly in love or hating each other. But it’s neither of those things. It’s magical and difficult, and wondrous and painful, and frustrating and joyous, as any intense, intimate relationship is.”

And at first, I was like, that’s really sensitive of him to like that quote. Or maybe, he was tired or drunk when he reposted it and it was an accident. But then, I was like, ummmm, why does he like that quote?

Does he think of me when he reads that? Does he think about our relationship? Or is he beginning to move on with someone else?

The silly thing is, I don’t think he is moving on. And I only say that because just last Tuesday we were saying we loved each other, even though he didn’t know what he wanted. And we were acting like a couple. And we were cuddling in between the sheets.

So maybe I would be foolish to think that that quote is about anyone else but me. Maybe he does think about me when he reads it. He must be thinking about me when he reads it, right?

I would like to hope so. Because when I read it, that’s what I think of. Us.


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