Math, A Great Distraction

I may be a little depressed, staying at home, wondering what the hell my ex-boyfriend’s doing, besides not calling me.

Yesterday was Black Friday and I bought something that would possibly make me happy: Watercolour pencils. And then, to no avail, I brought them home, only to discover that we do not have small paintbrushes in my house.

While searching through the cabinet for paintbrushes, I decided I would take a plain college-rule notebook and just study some math.

During the summer, I took a linear algebra course. And I spent so much time wondering and worrying about my relationship with my now ex-boyfriend, that I got a c in the class. So I decided right now, since I will be taking a similar, more advanced course next semester when I transfer, I should just take this time to study my old notes. Besides, studying math with music in the background ( I usually prefer Drake) distracts me from thinking about him so hard.

I’m not gonna lie. Studying math helps me. It keeps me busy. Usually when I’m really upset, I just throw myself into my studies. And now, I think I’m just gonna do that. And although, I have no actual classes to study for right now

I miss him though.


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