The Aftermath of the Aftermath

He says not tomorrow though. So he agrees we can see each other Wednesday. I say I’m just gonna ask why not tomorrow? And he says because he has plans with his mom. And I say okay, but he doesn’t have to lie. And he tells me he does. He says something about how I’m not happy with any answer. He tells me he’s getting tired of me saying that “I’m just gonna ask”.

I say the truth isn’t hard. I say he doesn’t know what he wants. He says I’m right, he doesn’t know. I say if he wanted to me to leave he’d say it, that he never wants to see me again, that he’s moved on. And he says “WTF, I’ve already asked you to leave 10 times since we’ve been going out”? And I ask if he really wants me to leave. And he says he thinks we should end this.

And I say that I don’t want to. That I love spending time with him. Can we just skip to the part where we’re friends. And he tells me that we shouldn’t see each other for a while. I tell him I’m fine with us not seeing each other for a while, but I am afraid of him seeing someone else. And he says please. And I ask what does he mean? Is there someone else? And he says no.

And I know the following because I asked. He doesn’t want to break for two months. He doesn’t want to see me Wednesday. He doesn’t want to shake my hand because that doesn’t work.

And so I really want to be with him. I ask him to tell me. And I say that I love him. Tell me something I say.

And after no response, I say l will leave him alone for two weeks. And that I will do this so we can have space to breathe.


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