Day Seven: The Plan

And last night he texted back, saying that all he really wanted from me to do was stop talking. And so I told him I was going to stop talking to him for two weeks. Starting that message. So shut up and let me have the last word.

So I today was a really good day. We passed at each other and I didn’t look at him when we passed, but it was still okay. I didn’t feel the need to pause because I had stuff to do and I was the good kind of busy. So I didn’t look over at him, I just kept walking forward. Besides, I was feeling happy.

And so this morning I talked to my sister and I realized how crazy I’ve been acting. To be honest, I felt especially crazy after last night, when I saw Facebook and noticed that he friended this one girl. She could’ve been anyone, a classmate, an acquaintance. Well, last night I got so territorial and jealous and just crazy. I mean, it’s only been a week without him and I’m going crazy?

So I’ve decided this:

Starting this post, I will not:

  1. Look up other girls (that includes his friends that are girls, girls he works with, that girl he friended, etc.) That means googling, their social media, all that.
  2. Look at his Facebook page.
  3. Open up my Facebook at all.
  4. Look for him on campus.
  5. *67 him and hang up.
  6. Text him, then take back that I texted him by apologizing.
  7. Check my email, waiting for messages from him.
  8. Give in before the next two weeks.
If ever the case, he says something before the two weeks, I will not say anything.

I just need to have some faith that we’ll work out and he’ll wait for me. What’s meant to be will be. So I just need to wait it out. For now, I’ll go back to reading, writing, and exercising. By the time we see each other, I’m going to be so toned. For now, I just need to be patient. He’s mine and I love him. I just need to give him space. And I need time to calm my ass down.

Give it time and everything will be fine. You love him. Everything will be fine.


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