Day Six: Territorial

Today was alright. Overall it was a nice day, but there were some things were getting to me.

So I wasn’t going to say anything to him. I was just going to ride out this time in peace, at least for a week or two more, give him his space to breathe. And then I saw he friended this girl on Facebook that I’ve never heard of. Of course, I panicked. Googled her and everything, but then I stopped. And when I stopped, I just decided to talk to him. I felt really territorial. I suppose it’s only natural. I’m just saying, I was fine before I saw that he had friended that girl. Damn, maybe she’s just a classmate or some acquaintance. Honestly though, I think I just get really territorial when it’s any girl at all.

And so I texted ‘hello?’. And he said ‘hey’. I said ‘how are you?’. He said ‘okay. I’m at work’. So I asked if we could talk after he got off. And he said yeah. And then I said ‘okay!’. And then I realized that I was coming off way too eager. And then I apologized for that.

So I will see how this goes. I am unsure of what will happen next, more so, of what I will do next.


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