Love Letters to Me, Three

Hey me,

It’s okay. I don’t really think he was cheating on you. He broke up with you because honestly, you just kept making up a lot of problems. And he was making problems by not wanting to solve anything, he just wanted to do nothing to fix it. That is why you two broke up. Not because there was anyone else, not because of some other girl. So calm down, you knew he only loved you. And you know he only loves you.

So once you calm your ass down, you all can sit down and talk shit out. Nothing’s going to work if you sit here and just think up problems. Leave him alone, let him be. He will still be there in a week. Leave him alone, he’s not fooling around. For the last week leading up to the breakup, he was trying to keep you calm by talking everything out with you. He did want to be with you, but you keep making things up. You did not understand that he wanted his own “space” at work. You didn’t want to understand him with whatever he was saying last week. Give him a rest for now. When you’re calm and relaxed and he’s not stressed or mad, you two can talk. Let time ease and sort everything out. It’s going to work out just fine.


The old you


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