Day Four: Calming Down

I woke up and I was feeling fine. I recalled that since we broke up, I’ve been having really great days. And then I remembered that yesterday I had accused him of fooling around, which he didn’t respond to, and that bothered me. And now I’m remembering the series of events leading to our break up and why he wouldn’t let me visit him. He wouldn’t let me visit him at work because he would talk to his coworkers about us. He wanted work to be his space. He was not cheating on me. I need to calm my thoughts about him. I need to calm down and relax. I need to give my thought on him a rest. In a week or two, we’ll sit down and talk, but we can’t sit down calmly if I start building up anger about him. So this morning, I have also blocked him on Facebook, so I don’t feel the need to message him or to check if he ever messaged me.


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