Still Day Three: Regaining Balance

And so after accusing him of cheating by asking him if he was fooling around, he didn’t answer. And I realized I was acting crazy, especially when I don’t think he ever was cheating on me. And that I would like to think he was better than that.

So I recognized that I was acting crazy. And I wasn’t making any sense. And that I can’t talk to him if I didn’t feel relaxed and he still felt stressed. We couldn’t talk like that. I said I was sorry about tonight.

And now I will truly give him his space. Frankly, I’m tired of tiring myself out with overthinking about him. I need to focus more on me. I’m doing a lot things I love right now. And honestly, I’m having some really great days on my own. At first, I thought I didn’t like how my afternoon was going because I had to stay in, but hey, I just found that my family has all the premium channels, so I have so many movies to watch. (Not that I go out all the time, I just don’t watch a lot of TV. I would rather study or read a book.) Anyways, enough of that boy for one night. I’m gonna be fine.


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