Tonight I messaged him

And so I messaged him tonight asking for next semester’s schedule so I can figure out the hours I should work. And so I make our breaks at the same time. He said he would send it to me, but if he doesn’t remember to send it soon, screw it, I won’t consider making time for him.

On other notes, he messaged me back saying he’s going to get the tickets for the concert later this week. This makes me excited, but also kind of nervous.

Today I have spent the day pissed off and angry at him for everything from the past almost two years. And then after feeling mad at him, I miss him. And then I remember all the random things I want to talk about with him. And I remember all the things I want us to do together.

I don’t know this four week long break was my idea, but right now it seems kind of long. And I already miss him. Fuck it though, I wanted space anyways. And now I have time to feel better about him and stop being mad and to cool down. And he has time to feel guilty and realize that he’s a fucking idiot.

I”m still mad, but I miss him.


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