Asking about him

Maybe it’s just me, but now it just seems like since we’re not talking, more people are asking about him.

Really though, like 4 people asked about him already and it’s only been half the day. This guy I was helping today asked if I knew him. He even asked me if I was his girlfriend because I never met this guy before. My coworker asked about him. He wanted to know where he was because last week and the week before I was bringing him with me. He wanted to know where he was because he thought he was fun. My friend mentioned him in our talk today and I think he asked where he was. My classmate mentioned him and teased about playing basketball against him.

And I guess what bothers me most is that I don’t know exactly where he is when people ask me. I mean, I usually know where he is and honestly, I can probably guess correctly where he is at this exact moment. I mean an hour ago he was probably at home or in the library, but chances are he probably at home after he went to class. Right now he is most likely in class. What bothers me is that people ask about him when we’re not talking, when I don’t know where he is or what he’s doing, when I myself haven’t seen him today, when I don’t really want to think about him too deeply. People ask about him when I am trying not to think about him.


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