Night One: And I’m doing okay

Back to this again….

Well I wonder what he’s doing right now, who hes talking to, what he’s going to do tonight. Maybe he’s getting off work right now. I’m wondering if I should say something about next week, like should I tell him when we should meet and talk?

I have a lot of studying to do though, so maybe I’ll just leave him alone until he says something. I think that’s the smartest thing to do right now. Besides, I’m still kind of irritated with him about old stuff.

I wonder if he’ll see me tomorrow. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not going to count on it though. He’ll probably wonder a little bit why I’m not saying anything after like the third day. And today is basically day one. So I guess I’ll probably hear from him by Wednesday.

So overall, I’m pretty calm right now. I wonder if he’s thinking about us. I know it’s not all physical with us because we don’t that a lot, but the last time we talked a lot about us in the future and we talked a lot about sex. And because he’s screwed up so badly, we’re not going to be doing that for a long while. And he tried to break up with me the other day and then he said he didn’t think we were going to break up. So, there’s another reason why he’s not getting any. Just because we sat together and talked he realized he didn’t want to break up. It only took that one conversation. Maybe that’s wrong. Maybe that’s really good. I don’t know.

Anyways, yeah, I’m really annoyed and mad at him now that I’ve thought about it. So I’m not gonna say anything to him until he misses me enough to say something first. Besides I need to study.


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