Day Four: Part Four

So today I saw him today at work.

When I walked into the mall, I thought I had seen someone that looked like Z, but maybe it was just any Asian girl with similar features. Or maybe I’m paranoid and my mind’s playing tricks on me. Yeah, so I thought she was there. But then again, maybe that’s just me. Although to be honest, it doesn’t really matter at all. I know for sure Z isn’t a threat at all. She has her boyfriend and I know she is really just his friend. So whatever.

At first, my auntie and I passed where he works. He was laughing with his coworker. I saw his new haircut. And I stared in for a second, wondering if he saw me, while my auntie asked if that was my friend. And I paused and my auntie said maybe he didn’t see me. So we continued walking.

When my auntie and I were in the bookstore, I said I’d be back. I was going to look on the other floor.

It bothered me that maybe he didn’t see me or that he was deliberately ignoring me while I was with my aunt.

What was done next was done out of impulse. I didn’t have a real clue what I was going to really say.

I left the bookstore. And I walked right back to where he worked. And I went right in and said hello to his coworker. And came straight up to him and asked for help. I told him I was looking for a computer case for my laptop.

As he pretended to keep his smile and give good customer service, he told me they didn’t carry the case. And I asked him to look it up.

As I “pretended”, although I was actually wondering, he asked me if we had to do this now. And I he said he was in the middle of a conversation (with his coworker). So I turned my face and looked away, acting like what he said wasn’t really stupid. And I asked him if we were going to talk. And he told me no.

And I asked if was really mad at me still as he faked his smile and looked at the screen. And he said fine, we would talk. (I think me being in the store made him feel uncomfortable because he doesn’t really like when people visit him while he’s working. Also, he’s pretty pissed off at me. And he’s trying to ignore me because he broke up with me over messaging). And I asked when. And he told me tomorrow at 8 which is what I asked for this morning.

I walked out smiling as I said thank you to his coworker.

For that particular moment I felt triumphant, I mean come on now, I basically just walked in and indirectly demanded that he talked to me. And then I got my way.

I know he said that  we would talk tomorrow because that’s what I wanted to here, even though I didn’t directly ask. He knew that telling me that would get me to leave.

And now I’m just hoping he doesn’t act shady tomorrow. And that he actually does show up.

There’s a chance he doesn’t show up at all, like he just skips class so he doesn’t have to see me. There’s another chance that he tells me he cannot make it. There’s a chance he doesn’t tell me at all and that I wait for nothing. There’s a chance that he goes off on me tonight because I barged in and demanded that we talked. Although to be honest, I didn’t demand it, he said fine, we would talk. There’s a chance that he sees me and says he doesn’t want to talk, he has to go to class. There’s a chance we run into each other and he gives me a hard time about how he just wants me to leave him alone. There’s a chance that he does show and that I go to class.

Of course, there is a chance that he shows up and that we actually do talk and that i just overthink everything.

Let’s hope that he actually does show though.


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