Letters You Won’t Be Receiving, Thirteen

Dear you,

Where are you right now? I know it’s only been what? A week. But still, a week feels like a long time when we’re young.

I feel like I need to talk to you right now. There’s so much I want to tell you.

I mean, maybe it’s because I’m anxious, but it feels like everything’s about to change again. I think I’m about to change all the plans again. I don’t think my heart can keep still. There are so many things I want to do and I don’t feel too right about where I am now.

I want adventure too, you know that? You always tell me we need to go on more adventures. And I know it’s true. If not now, when? We’re young now, why can’t we have adventures now?

And fuck? Why can’t we be together when my heart feels like this? When I feel sporadic and feel like getting away, somewhere different from where I am now.

Or maybe I just feel this wanderlust, uncomfortable, listless, restless feeling when you’re not here. It feels a little scary to make inside decisions like this by myself, all inside of my head.

I feel like moving away. Not too far though, but just far enough. Not right at the moment, but soon. I just thought you should know.

Will you visit?

Are we even going to get back together any time soon?

Well, anyways, you know I love you.


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