Day One

So I texted him this morning and asked if he would meet me. All he said was no. And I told him he couldn’t stay mad forever.

About an hour later, I told him I loved him. And I’d give him his space. I wouldn’t talk to him for one week. And so here I am.

Today wasn’t so bad. Actually it went pretty well.

I talked to my new friend C, who by the way I think is kinda cute. He has a girlfriend and well, I have, you know, I love my guy.Anyways I spent my break with him talking about math and our majors after class. And it was just us and it was a nice distraction from thinking about him. At least running into C made me not think about running around trying to find the boy I love.

And so when I got home, I thought about him again. So I called my friend K and we talked for a few hours and I told her my story. And she let me vent to her and helped me put some things into perspective of why I would be mad, but also of how I’m wrong. And I feel that talking to her helped me feel better about him. And how maybe I was too hard on him sometimes. And she made me realize all the arguments I made with boyfriend didn’t make much sense. I mean, I was standing there, trying to explain to her why me and him would argue and it didn’t make much sense at all. And I feel better now that I’ve talked to someone about it.

And now I’m sitting here, typing, missing him in the back of my mind. And while I know this is just a moment, I know that giving him his space is the only way that it’s gonna be better between us.

So here I go again with Day 1 of giving him space. And the more space I give him, the better he’ll feel, the closer we get to being okay again.


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