Day One of Not Speaking

So today was okay. In terms of okay, I mean it went pretty well for me, ignoring the parts in which I try to purposefully run into him.

Like this morning, where I saw him walking to class with his friend, or the afternoon, where I walked by his class twice, hoping no one took notice of me pass by two times.

At the very least, I saw him in the cafeteria with his friend while I was reading and then I didn’t bother walking after him.  I wonder if he saw me look his way. I wasn’t wearing my glasses at the time;  so I wouldn’t know.

I didn’t run after him or anything in search of him at that moment, but I did look for him a little while later in the library. Peering through the bookshelves, I tried to look for him, not that we have anything to talk about right now since he was such an asshole yesterday, but you know, just to be with him is nice feels nice to me.

I’m not gonna lie, it feels a little lonely without him. I mean, now it just feels like my life revolves around books. I know it’s only been less than a week since Thursday, a day since we talked, but I feel like I’m missing him from a life. A giant void.

I wonder if it feels like I’m missing from his life too. I’m gonna give it a few more days.


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