The Middle of the Day

When I asked, he said no, it doesn’t affect our relationship. He told me it has to do with him and his friend J. He said it was personal. He doesn’t want to tell me.

Okay. Honestly, I’m just wondering why he thinks I’d break up with him if he told me. Maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with us at all. I guess it’s fine that he doesn’t tell me what it’s about if it’s between him and J. I just want to know why he thinks I’d break up with him if I knew.

So right now, I think I’m just on here because I’m bored. Summer puts a lot of time on your hands. A lot of time to sit here and do a bunch of nothing.

I feel pretty lonely. My sister’s talking to her boyfriend and I’m here, typing on the computer across from them. My boyfriend is apparently being busy, running secret errands with his friend, doing who the hell knows what.

So I’m sitting here, being on the computer. I’m about to go back to cleaning up. I’m just a mixture between annoyed and curious about my boyfriend, and bored. I am bored.

I need something really big and occupying to do. Like a project. I need to do something more than sit here, wondering about my dumbass boyfriend.


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