He tells me that it feels like I’m forcing him to love me. That’s why he says he’s mad at me and he doesn’t want to see me.

And honestly, I fucking hate this. I’m so upset I feel like breaking up with him right now.

I feel very close to telling him it’s over. He tells me he doesn’t like to see me when I act like this. He says I’m acting like a bitch. I say he’s acting like an asshole. We haven’t really seen each other since Monday. We haven’t really talked since last Monday. He hasn’t wanted to see me or talk to me since last Monday. Because he needs his space.

Yeah, so I went off on messaging because he left me to argue with my self.

And so after I wrote all those mean things, I don’t feel mad anymore. I feel a lot better.

But I will not talk to him until he apologizes first. This is his fault.


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