In the Midst of Being Upset For no Good Reason

So previous to that tumblr post, we were in an argument about how I don”t give him space.

And so we were having a passive aggressive argument over Facebook about how he sometimes he doesn’t want to talk and how I keep talking. And I said I was getting all mad because what if he’s talking to them instead of me when he tells me he’s busy. And he was getting mad because I wouldn’t listen to what he was saying, how he doesn’t want to talk to me all the time.

And so he eventually stopped talking because he didn’t want to talk to me anymore.

And of course, I was still wondering if we were doing anything tomorrow. I mean, tomorrow’s the last real time I have for him. Next week’s finals, then I go away for a week. Then it’s summer, but during summer we won’t really have time together. Sure, maybe we could be together final’s week, but the more I think about it. We can’t. I have no time for him and the more upset I feel about him , the more time I don’t want to make for him. Obviously he’s not making up any time for me, getting stupidly mad at me for no real good reason because he wants his “space”. Motherfucker already had a lot of “space”.

So I called him up and asked about tomorrow. And he told me he didn’t want to. And honestly, I don’t know. It really honestly is the last time we can really be alone for some time. Not forever, just like, a long time. Because I don’t think I’m gonna go around finding the time for him. It’s like wasting my time. The only reason we can actually be together tomorrow is because I got lucky and class was canceled.

And I told him it was gonna be the last time. And he’s telling me tomorrow he’s getting a car. And to be honest, I don’t really care too much. Because I’d rather be with him than him getting a car during the time I can see him. That makes me angry.

And he said if things go well, we can hang out after. And I said it was going to be the last time. And he said no, there would be other times. He told me stop, I was being stupid. And he said that tumblr post was about me. And then he told me goodnight.

And to be honest, I am still upset that he is not going to be with tomorrow because he’s going to get a car. He was supposed to get a car by last Friday. No lie, I really wanted He’s supposed to be with me tomorrow. And I guess I’ll see him tomorrow after class, but for now, I will continue being upset because he’s not going to be with me during my time off.

(Honestly, if we were a story, I cannot tell if I’m the annoying character or if he’s the annoying character. Or perhaps we juts make a very annoying, yet entertaining story).


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