On Waiting & Talking

Well I saw my boyfriend today. And I guess all was well. It didn’t really feel well.

After saying he would see me during my break (because I asked him to and he wanted to make me happy), I saw him for a minute and he told me he didn’t want to stay. Outside of my biology class, he told me he wanted to go home because he didn’t want to wait an hour to spend 45 minutes with me. I kept telling him to keep it down because my biology class could probably hear (maybe not though and he kept saying it didn’t matter, they didn’t know him or whatever he said. And it bothered me a little because I didn’t want my class to hear how my boyfriend couldn’t fucking wait for me. When I really think about it though, I don’t think you could actually hear since the teacher was lecturing and people don’t really pay attention.

I think he thought it was annoying? that he had to wait. He said he doesn’t stop me from going home, something like that. He said thanks for letting him go home. he said we’ll do something on Thursday. And so he hugged me and tried to kiss me, although his lips hurt. And I went back to class disappointed and he went home.

Yeah, I had to ask him again why he didn’t kiss me. Honestly, I was worried that he didn’t want to kiss me because my gum wasn’t working or something. Yeah, that asshole got mad and thought I wasn’t listening from before and he had to text me and tell me again it was because his fucking lip hurt. Whatever. I had to be sure.

I tried to talk to him later today, but he had to go to work. And when I asked him if I was talking to him too much or just regularly, he told me I talk to him too much.

And now I am not too thrilled to talk him right now. I’m pretty annoyed as you can tell. I don’t think I’ll be doing much talking to him for a while.


5 thoughts on “On Waiting & Talking

      • moxieluster says:

        Well, since it isn’t fictional, then I’d say give him what he wants, back off. Back off to the point where HE is the one questioning things and give him a dose of his own medicine. Or..talk about your feelings. Which would be more rational I suppose, lol. Best of luck!

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