Really Well

Today went better than expected.

It started off with him being cranky this morning before class. And after we got over that hump, I saw him during class and he said he would see me after school (like we agreed on earlier).

After being annoyed with him for being with his friend, although I was actually really tired, I kept calling him up and harassing him through text and the asshole wouldn’t answer the phone. When I was calling him up in the middle of class, he finally answered. And instead of meeting me at school, he wanted to meet him at his house. About half an hour, we met up on the bus instead and he kept saying that he loved me while I sat there half-mad about the morning.

And then we had lunch.

And I guess, that’s where the day gets really good. Every time we eat, I always feel really giddy. To be honest, it’s just exciting for no particular reason. I just really like sitting across from him.

While we ate and I told him how I didn’t like him being alone with D, he said that D loves me. And he told me that he did not fully understand why I didn’t like them hanging out with each other, and he said that I would probably have to yell at him more for him to understand. He wasn’t being sarcastic nor was he being mean when he said this. And I know he wouldn’t cheat on me. Yeah, I’m paranoid about her just as any other girl he would know because I’m jealous.So yes, I am just jealous of their friendship. And that’s unhealthy of me. You see, to be honest, I know for sure that they are good friends. And she knows about us. She was the first friend of his I met when we started out. And out of all the girls that he has been friends with, she is my favorite. In fact, if him and I were to ever to get married, she would be a bride’s maid. I’m not even joking.

And we agreed that he would not be friends with S and Z, but he didn’t want to stop being friends with D. And that was okay with me. Aside from the hanging out shit, I like her.

So him and I were sitting there and we were talking about our week. And I told him about my night and he told me about his. And we were eating our food and telling jokes and laughing.

And he stops for a second and tells me that it’s going to work out. When I go away to the university, we’re going to work out. And we’ll be doing the exact same thing we were doing then, but in a different restaurant in that town.

And then he told me he loved me. And I loved that.

After eating, we were sitting down on the bench taking funny pictures of us kissing and making faces on his phone. He was telling me how we were gonna  get a big dog one day. And we were just sitting there, with me on his lap, as we laughed about the future and how him and I would be.

And it was really nice.

Walking back, he told me about how he felt on Sunday. Of how he was mad. And I told him how I felt about Sunday. And then suddenly, we were talking about last names. And what my last name would be.

We were just really good today. And I hope it stays this way.


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