0 to 100, Real Quick

And of course, we bounce back fast.

So fast, that it always feels a bit expected.

After yesterday, I called him up this morning to be sure he was spending break with me. And after saying I was needy, he said yes he was.

And I met up with him in the cafeteria and we shared a seat as we talked to our high school classmates. And he had mentioned to me, he was sitting down for appearances, because in reality, he was basically standing already since I was pretty much sitting on the seat and he is so damn tall that his feet were on the ground.

And after a few minutes we left to talk.

We sat together and he began to talk about hat he wanted to study. And he asked me what I thought. After a few moments (well like a few minutes) of laughing and teasing and our legs touching and me grabbing his hand for moments at a time, he asked if I was going to hold me or I was going to hold him? So as he reached out to hold me, I went to hold him and ended up in his lap as he hugged me.

And he asked if we could just not talk about Monday. And I said okay. (Although, moments later, I did have that guy apologize for Monday). And so yeah, Monday is forgiven. Why? Because I love that boy. So much.

We sat there and we talked about the future. And what he wanted to do. And what I was going to do. We even talked about sleep overs. And I said I had never been to one. And we started talking about kids. And how I said I don’t think I’d let them go to one. And he said he would still let them. And we started laughing about how we’d have a daughter and I would say no, but he would let her go to the sleep over.

And yeah, I love him.

My gosh, the fact that we jump back so quick always somehow surprises me. Then again, it also doesn’t. I wish he didn’t say those things on Monday then suddenly change up yesterday. Okay, on Tuesday, he wasn’t ready to talk. Yesterday, he called me honey. Today we were really good again. Woah, we go back really fast.

It’s not like I don’t do the same things to him though.

Anyways, I’m happy about us. And I’m crazy about him. And I love that boy. And he makes me laugh. And he makes me happy. And damn it, I have the urge to kiss him right now. I always have that urge though.


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