He Said, She Said or More Like I Said…

And I said I’d leave him alone.

But of course, as my story always goes…

I wrote him an email last night telling him I’d wait for him. That what we say what we say when we’re mad, so it’s gonna be okay. I know that he loves me. And I love him. And that I’d wait for him. I’d told him not to reply back; we just need time.

Of course, I ran into a few times on purpose to not say anything to him. And I called him a few times to no answer. And right when I was going to leave a voicemail to apologize for all the calls and to tell him I had no idea why I was calling, he answered. He said he couldn’t talk and I said what I had planned to say on the voicemail. After a few seconds, he wasn’t on the line anymore, but I couldn’t tell if he hung up or if I hung up (which happens pretty often, my earrings always end the calls on accident).

I was feeling good today after class and so I texted him about Friday. Want to do something on Friday. And he told me ‘Sure honey’. ‘But I have work’.

And I was, well, really ecstatic. Because didn’t we just break up on Monday? I think so. So I texted back telling him it was okay. We could do something next week because my class was canceled. And I called him ‘baby’. And I told him to think of a plan for Friday.

And so after tonight, I texted him and invited him to this event I’m going to tomorrow. Actually, I wanted him to meet my parents again, but we’ll just do that on graduation. But he cannot go tomorrow because he has work. Uggggh, I’m starting not to like his work. I feel like he works more nowadays.

And I asked him to spend break with me tomorrow and he said sure. And I like that.

I told him goodnight I love you. And he said yes. I love you too.

I thought we broke up. Or maybe we didn’t. To be honest, I’d rather we didn’t. I’m in love with that boy so much.

And I’m pretty happy right now. Yeah, I’m pretty happy.


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