Yesterday & a 9 o’clock call

And so it goes…

I just yell at him through messaging about yesterday. And he tells me about the errands he ran. And how yesterday he just wanted to go home, but then he had to run those errands.

And then I apologized for being all paranoid.

And I we said I love you and all that. He said what he was doing tonight. And all was well.

I called him up because I haven’t talked to him on the phone this late at night (like 9 at night). And I called him up. I know he’s out right now since he literally just told me through messaging, so I know he can’t actually talk. So he said he would talk to me later. He said it felt weird for me to be calling this time. When I asked if it was bad, he said it wasn’t.  I guess to me it doesn’t feel weird to call him at night. I guess it feels a little different. I feel kind of indifferent about it. Maybe to him it feels weird since we haven’t done this before. We don’t usually talk this late because my parents are home.

It’s cool though.Him and I will talk later. Secretly, I hate that he said it feels weird, even though I know he didn’t mean it negatively. It’s just he could have used another word like ‘different’ or ‘strange’. Then again, ‘strange’ is also pretty weird. I guess ‘weird’ is whatever. Besides though, he said he would talk to me later. So blaaaaaaaah.

I actually just wanted to cross that one off the list of things he said we haven’t done. In his words ‘ talking to you on the phone after 7:00 o’clock’. Now he can’t hold that one against me.

Right now though. We’re pretty cool. He loves me a lot. I love him a lot. Everyone knows about us. Him and I are working on our relationship, making it stronger. I don’t actually have anything to worry about, as I sit here typing, realizing that I have yelled at him for no particularly good reason.

In this moment, I just feel a little tired and drowsy from drinking my hot chocolate.


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