Today & Tomorrow

Today was really good. Aside from being annoying with each other, today was good.

Him and I talked today on the track. He has work on Friday.

If he doesn’t have work and something changes, he’ll tell me he said.

When I asked about her birthday, he said what about it? He has work from 5 to 9.

I asked him what tomorrow was. He knew it was the 8th. He knew it was a year and a half. And he asked if we were going to do anything. I was relieved. I thought I was going to have to ask.

Anyways, we talked about it. Next week he said we’ll go for pasta.

And by next week, he’s going to get a car. I asked why so soon? Why does he need to get a car so soon? He said it was because I told him too.

Well, that was a nice answer.

When I asked if he was still friends with them, he didn’t want to talk about it. Well, we will eventually. So I’m not really tripping about it right now. Besides, him and I are doing pretty well. Everything is falling into place and the more I think about it, the less they really matter when it comes to our relationship. I mean they matter a little bit, but they don’t affect the way I love him. And they don’t affect how he loves me. He only loves me. And I only love him.

Anyways, today was really good.

I even bought cupcakes for tomorrow. Vanilla ones, white cupcakes, the kind he likes. And I think I will give him that poem. The poem about him that I wrote for my writing class. I hope he’ll like it. Out of all the poems I have written, including the ones about him and not about him, this one is my favorite. I was going to give him that one for Poem in Your Pocket Day, but I didn’t.

I have been trying to plan tomorrow with him. Because I think I like month anniversaries and all that. They’re cute. I just don’t really like to say it because I think what you really celebrate are the big ones, the year anniversaries. Tomorrow, discounting all our “break ups” (even though is it really breaking up if you two still keep talking? Not really. No it’s not), will be a year and a half. And I’m secretly really happy about it. As you can tell, I love that boy a lot. I’m so in love with him. And in the long run, he makes me happy and keeps me sane.

I hope tomorrow goes really well.


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