The back-and-forths of pmsing

I think I really am pmsing right now.

I feel sensitive towards EVERYTHING. I am already annoyed by my boyfriend, telling him that we shouldn’t talk, and yet, I feel like calling him up and yelling at him. Yeah, I feel like yelling at him for no fathomable reason. I am completely irrational right now. My eyes feel drowsy and I feel a little tired. And yeah, I feel a little down.

And while I am annoyed at him, it would feel nice for him to hold me. But no, he was an asshole today for no good reason. It would make sense that he ignored me because he was mad, but he said he wasn’t mad at me. Whatever. He’s probably all annoyed because he thinks I treat him like he’s whipped. That’s just my interpretation of it anyways. It’s not like he’s been following my directions or taking my feelings into consideration when he makes his dumbass choices.

What am I doing? What is he doing? Weren’t we all right yesterday? We were. But he acted like a jerk today.

I bet tomorrow, I won’t even be mad. True thing. I’ll probably stop being mad in like the next two hours, knowing me.

It’s like, I love that boy so much, but sometimes he makes the dumbest decisions without thinking.

And yeah. I hope he doesn’t and that he can’t go to her birthday.

And if he doesn’t say anything to me by Friday. That’s it.

I’d like to think that he’s better than that though.


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