My boyfriend is an idiot

So how do I feel today?

I’m not gonna lie, I know today was a good day, but I feel kind of annoyed.

During class, I asked him what classes he is taking in the summer. And aside from that, we didn’t really talk at all.

After my boyfriend left class with his friend, I saw him in the cafeteria, where he passed me up and didn’t want to talk to me. Yes, he tried to ignore me. (in front of his friend and O.) What the fuck. So I talked to his friend instead about the weekend.

When we got the building his class was in, his friend walked on and said he had to go to the bathroom. And it was just me and my boyfriend. He though, unlike me, didn’t want to talk. He kept saying I was bullying him, but like in the annoyed-leave-me-alone kind of way. And so I asked I about her birthday. And he said he wasn’t the only one invited, he was just the only one who was going. Yeah, I asked about Friday plans, but now he just thinks I’m asking about Friday because of her birthday. He still doesn’t know if he has work; therefore, he didn’t know if he was actually going. When I really think about it though, Friday means we’ve been together for one and half years. he’s too stupid to think about that though.

After he left, of course, I ran right after him. Told him I didn’t want him to go. He already knew he said. And when I repeated it, he seemed to be indifferent.

I just really don;t want him to go.

And so he said we’ll talk later. And I just said let’s just not talk.

Aside from my boyfriend being a straight up idiot, everything else is working out really well for me.


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