Plans for Friday

Well today was pretty good.

At first, I was very annoyed with him for not responding to my two texts, asking him to spend my break with me. And then he didn’t answer my two calls. By then, I was getting really annoyed.

In the end though, he texted me, wondering where I was. Because yes, he did stay for my break. I found him in the library with his friends and we sat and talked for the rest of break.

And all was well until he asked me about Friday while he was walking me to class.

On Friday, one of his close friends,D, is having a birthday. And just her family and her are going out to eat. She invited him to come.

After telling me about her birthday, he asked me if he could go.

He wanted an answer in that moment.

I was like even I said no, he might possibly still go, in which he responded with true.

So I contemplated for a second and said yes. Then I thanked him for telling me, you know, because we have that honesty issue, and he thought I was being sarcastic, when in reality I was thanking him for being honest.

When he said bye, we shook hands. And he didn’t kiss me (which I really don’t like). When I saw the teacher coming, I squeezed his fingers really tightly and left.

I have no problems with D. She knows about us, in fact, she was probably the first of his friends that I met when we started out a year and a half ago, which by the way, is also this Friday. In being fair, I’ll say this: He has never lied about D. He always tells me when they hang out (not often at all), stuff like that. Out of all his friends that arl girls, I like her. That’s right. I don’t really like any of them, but her, I do. I suppose she still knows that me and him are together. I don’t see her that much. To my understanding they’re close, so she probably knows.

He and I didn’t have any plans this Friday because I thought he was working. And last week, he wouldn’t take off for me because he just got the promotion last week, like literally, days before.

Honestly, I don’t want him to go. Because I think it’s weird that he’s the only friend invited. And I want to say yes because I don’t want to be a jealous asshole. But I want to say no because I’m a jealous asshole that doesn’t fully trust her boyfriend.

Also, to say this: I’m not mad at him. I like his honesty. I like how things are going with me and him. I like us right now.

I even thought about making plans with him if he didn’t have work on Friday (before he told me about her birthday). Now it just seems like I want to make plans because it’s her birthday. Some part of me wants to make up some reason that he has to be with me on Friday.

Yeah, I hope he has to work.


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