Well aside from the weird slip up, you have come to this conclusion. He really does love you. After sending that list of complaints to him early, early this morning, you two were were still okay today.And today with him, was really nice. You two are really nice together.

Today after annoying each other, we cuddled. Then we showered and ate. I told him I didn’t want him to be friends with them.

He says that nothing will happen if he continues being friends with them. But I said I still didn’t want him to be friends with them. At that moment, in the kitchen, he seemed to be at a loss, saying how he had already told them twice (was it?) that he couldn’t be friends with them. Anyways, yeah, I won’t accept them being friends. I think this is going to take some time with him though. But this, this is what you want.

Right now, I’m not mad at him. Eventually, it will all work out. Also, I’m very tired of fighting with the back and forth with him. I just want him and me to be okay again, to be leveled, to just love instead of argue.

Anyways, yeah, he loves me a lot. And he only loves me. That much I know.


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