Goodnight, I love yous

So we were laying in bed, holding each other, talking about why he doesn’t say much to my messages. He says it’s because we see each other, pretty much every day, and he doesn’t really have anything to say. He says that sometimes we after we see each other, I call him up right after. True thing, but sometimes that’s just because I miss him. And damn, I’m really in love with him.

Hurt, I try to suppress my tears by focusing on his arms wrapped around me. I love talking to him about nothing. He asks me as he holds me if I understand. I say “only a little bit”.

To be honest, I know what he means. I do talk a lot. I have a blog because I think too many thoughts and I usually just voice these random ponderings aloud. You can imagine how many messages he was getting when I didn’t have this WordPress account.

Sometimes I have nothing to actually talk about with him. I just like knowing that he’s there. I know we can’t talk to each other all the time, but I like the formalities of ‘how are you?’ and ‘Goodnight, I love you’. It shows that you care.

But even if he doesn’t say anything or I don’t say anything, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love me, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t love him. Because in truth, he loves me very much and I love him very much.

I guess I’ll be patient though. All of this is a phase.

One day, it will always be me and him and we’ll do everything together.


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