Ugggggh…..otherwise known as an unhappy face

Honestly, it bothers me that this asshole hasn’t said anything. All I fucking asked was when he was going to introduce me because I think it’s weird that he doesn’t want to. Okay, fine. Maybe he ignores me because he thinks I’m digging for problems. Perhaps I am. But hey, I’m not even mad right now, I’m just extremely annoyed. Okay, not extremely annoyed, but just annoyed.

We’re pretty much alright right now. It’s just, oh my gosh, why is this fucker ignoring me? Yeah, yeah, maybe he thinks I’m being annoying because I’m still mad at him for lying, so it probably wouldn’t be too smooth to introduce me now.  But still, it would be nice to hear from him. Or maybe it is better that he doesn’t say anything because I always cool off after a few hours. And he usually cools off too.

Whatever. The madness always passes.

This too shall pass.


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