Two Months: Day 30

Today was okay for you. You’re favorite part was probably eating snacks in biology class or sitting in creative writing.

To be honest, today you feel jittery and kind of socially awkward. Perhaps it’s the coffee or the weather or maybe your’re pmsing. I don’t know.

Afterwards, you saw your friend J and it was cool. he’s probably one of your closest friends right now. Maybe that was your favorite part of the day.

You were thinking about going on a picnic with your boyfriend. Although you tried to talk to him last night, all he said back was that he got the promotion the other day. he was tired now. Goodnight. And to be completely truthful, you hated his response. Does he say that to his other friends? What an asshole.

Regardless of that last message, you thought about going on a picnic with him. And you were telling J about it. The weather, in my opinion, is perfect for a picnic.

And you called that boy up about an hour ago. And he didn’t answer. Does he do that with his other friends? By friends, I just mean those others girls.

So you called him up, feeling a little defeated, to ask him about going out tomorrow. And with each minute that passes with no response, the less you care about picnics with him.

You’re a bit tired of giving him his space. Really though, you’re tired of space. And he’s not even treating you right. He’s not even saying anything to you.

No need though, you have so many other things going for you. Remember, you just got accepted to one of the top universities in the world to study your favorite subject.


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