Two Months: Day 29

Last night, you were jealous of M, whom your boyfriend liked right before he liked you. As a person though, you really like M.

This morning you were thinking about how he lied and how suddenly, you;re just going to accept it? What the hell? Maybe you really do need space. That motherfucker lied.

So you saw him today and he wasn’t with his friend. And he saw you and asked if you wanted to go to the school’s job fair.

In class today, you were teasing, saying he only asked you to come because his friend wasn’t there. And he was all ‘hey, why don’t you shut up’. So I think you pushed him and made him apologize.

And you two went together, got a lot of free cookies. It went good, when you didn’t talk to the person at the booth, he filled in the gaps.

And it was going good. Until you realized you wanted to tell him that you should continue the break. And so while you were walking with him on his way to class, you said you wanted to talk to him for two minutes. And he sensed your seriousness, and he said no. So you told him that maybe you should go longer than a week. I mean, he lied. (Meanwhile, your favorite professor is in the background talking to other people, while your boyfriend walks next to you grimly and tells you that if you don’t take your pamphlet, then he’s going to throw it away). And so he tells you that you ruined it. By ‘it’ he is referring to the easy going mentality of your relationship over the last few weeks. And after running into one of your classmates, he said he was going to go to class. And you said okay.

Honestly, it isn’t fair that you forgive him so fast. I mean, let’s not forget that you two broke up in January over old messages with his friend S, whom he claims isn’t even on his main list of people. If you rank above everyone else in his mind, why in the hell have his friends S and Z been a problem? Why in hell would he allow S to be such a fucking problem?

You don’t even feel sad anymore over him. You just thinks he’s idiot.

And you want him to know that what he did wasn’t right. It was so wrong.

So for now, you like the space. I think you need it. he shouldn’t have even said anything to you today.

Overall though, you had a pretty good day. Really though, you got like three cookies. And after you and him talked today, you didn’t even feel sad. You felt a little embarrassed though because that happened with your professor in the background. And damn, after your boyfriend went his way, you just went to class and ate your cookies. And to be honest, you didn’t really feel anything, no sadness, no nothing.

You went to the next class. Then talked to your teacher for a bit. Ran into this girl who you suppose likes your boyfriend. So to be honest, I think you acted really bitchy nice. Even though you just meant to be nice. Anyways, then you talked to her and her classmate, whom you know. And it went alright. She may be really shy. I don’t know. You said he was missing from their group. She was like yeah, she misses him. Hold up now, she also has another class with him. They probably don’t talk to each other really in the other class. Later on you were thinking about what she said as you channeled your inner-Mindy Kaling.

Then you did auditions for graduation.

And overall, today went pretty well. Now you just have a lot of damn homework. Ugggggh.


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