Two Months: Day 28

So today was pretty good, except you have spent so much time studying. Now you just feel tired, but you still a lot if shit to do.

You were paranoid the other day when you’re boyfriend left to buy a drink and it took him like, I don’t know, three to five minutes. But then again, he was probably trying to figure out what drink to buy and then he had to wait in line. You just hate the idea of him running into Z and not telling you, even though she is just a friend of his.

You saw a classmate get off the phone with his significant other, and he was so happy afterwards. You wonder if this is the way your boyfriend feels after he talks to you. Is he excited? Ecstatically happy that you called for no particular reason but just to talk? I don’t really know. You do know that while your together, it feels really good, like you love talking to him. And when you guys aren’t arguing, you get along really nicely. I don’t know. Maybe you’re jealous because you want your boyfriend to be super in love with you after talking on the phone. Then again, do you really have time for that? Okay, not super in love, but just happy. Does he feel like that? I don’t know, I don’t know.

Or maybe you just miss your boyfriend. To be honest, in times when you and you’re boyfriend aren’t stressing over made up problems, you two are really nice together. I think random people see it too. Which explains for that classmate of yours who thought you and your boyfriend should go out. Or the guy who saw you two playing yesterday and he said you were all really into each other and that you two were cute.

Another classmate of yours is contemplating between two schools. One school is the big university you got into. The other school is the school of that other girl S. Not that this entirely matters. But he is contemplating about not attending that school and attending the big school because of the prestige and the name . Damn right. Anyways, you like how you were accepted to the bigger school in comparison to all your boyfriend’s girl friends (yes, they are just friends). Anyways, you like that. It makes you feel smarter than them. And so that makes you not feel jealous. It just helps your self-esteem.

Uggggggh, look at these mundane things you worry about in your day. They’re all stupid. And none of them really mean anything. Perhpas you’re new motto should be like that book.

So here’s the good.

You thought you had not done all the classwork (that the teacher suddenly turned into a test grade). But then you received these papers back and as it turns out, you got an A. Applause for the unexpected. That went really great for you.

And so now, so many things are going for you. Scholarships, the top-ranking university, your classes right now, your boyfriend, your friends. It’s all working really well.

You have no real complaints.


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