Two Months: Night 27

Well I’m doing alright tonight.

Tonight is filled with studying. Studying. Studying.

Everything feels pretty resolved. You wonder why the Z and S, and yes the A, thing doesn’t really bother you anymore. Perhaps it’s because today you two kinda talked about it. He said he needed someone to talk to, to talk about how he was feeling after you broke up. Whatever, he said he didn’t want to tell any of his guy friends about it.

What matters is that it’s you and him. You and him going on a year and a half.

Hey, you find it really cool that it’s been that long. To think, three years ago, you kinda, well, you hated him. To think, two years ago, you two were graduating from high school and you didn’t care where he was going. He was just your friend that gave you extra bids for high school graduations.

I guess what makes you feel better is how he told you that you rank above his friends. Of how, in terms of importance, you’re right up there with his mom.

I suppose you already knew this, these are things he told you for the first time around this time last year.

So you have a lot of things going right now. And at this point, you have so many tings going that you don’t really care about those girls. Sure, you’re mad that he lied about them, but you two are going to work on that. And well, you;re tired of being mad at him when you know you love being with him, of how he makes life more colorful. You know that those girls were just friends of his, he wasn’t fooling around. For sure, you just know that.

So you’re gonna throw that away right now. Fuck worrying about that. Really though. Fuck jealousy. You’re amazing too.

You have bigger things to worry about. You just got to accepted to one of the top universities. You have your relationship where you want it. You have graduation coming up. You won scholarships. It’s not even going to be two months. It’s going to be one month like you expected. And ha! He was the one to ask if we were really going to do one more month.

April worked out for you.


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