Two Months: Day 27

So today went really well.

A lot of congratulations, a lot of hugging, and a lot of laughing.

You talked to him today, contrary to him not wanting to talk. It that went really well. He told you that you were stressing because he was not stressing about you going to the big university.

While you were up there, trying to get him to kiss you, another boy was watching and said you two were really into each other. To which your boyfriend teasingly replied he just met you. And you hit him. And the boy asked how long has it been. And you said a year and a half.

While talking for the next two hours, he asked if you guys were really going to do the next month of no talking. So you both talked about if you liked the silence. And it was agreed that sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s not. He teased you and said that he liked your superficial conversations, which you both laughed about and you teased him about knowing what superficial meant. Honestly, you hate when he teases like that even when he’s just teasing though. You do that too though, tease him where it hurts, like when you teased him last Thursday about being fat when he was younger and he got really sensitive. Also, you all should stop play-hitting each other in the face, it looks really bad to other people even though you’re playing.You should also stop getting kinda sexual in front of other people, like when he pokes your chest or when you have your hand on his thigh. It’s just, you know, sexual.

Anyways, you and him, your conversations are not superficial though. You know he’s teasing. Because your conversations aren’t fake, it’s real. I don’t know, I think you and him have a really good connection. It’s kinda crazy because you look at that boy and you and it looks really unexpected. You really love that boy.

And when you two aren’t mad at each other and you guys do talk for regular conversation, it’s really nice. And it’s really fun, sitting there, teasing each other, play-fighting, laughing about dumb things and talking about plans and all that.

So it was agreed. You will go to the big university. He thinks it was crazy of you to think he’d cheat on you. No, he wouldn’t. Yes, he will get a car.

And the month break will not continue. One week more, until next Monday.

April’s working out really well for you.


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