Two Months: Day 26

Today went really well.

At the present moment,you are paranoid at the idea of him cheating on you. Because if this, you are very scared about the long distance thing. Since you’ll both be studying at different schools,you’re afraid about your relationship. You’re also a bit afraid about yourself; what if you end up cheating? These thoughts scare you.

You got to see the campus today. And you really liked it.

But it made you wonder about him and how maybe one day, you’d get to show him around. You also began to feel a little confused. Just over a month ago, two months ago really, you were planning to transfer with him to the local university. And now, the plans are changing so quickly. He’s going to stay in community college and you’re going to choose to go to the big university. It’s so overwhelming.

When riding back from the campus, you saw a boy that reminded you of him. Perhaps it was the dark skin or the texture of his hair or the length of his fingers. And it made you sad. It made you miss him. Then you turned your head away to stop your eyes from tearing over and you looked at the lady in front of you. To distract you, you read the title of her article she was reading: Young Love. For the a good portion of the ride home, you wondered about the choices, if you should leave him and choose the top-ranking school or wait for him and go with the original plan.

It’s just, you;re so afraid of the idea of cheating. And you’re so afraid of long distance. In reality, it’s an hour difference, but when will you all find the time? And how will you go without seeing for such ling periods of time?

It all scares you.

But no, you will not have that boy be your deciding factor.

This month long break will ensue and you’ll go from there.

Just stop worrying. You do your thing now.


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