Two Months: Night 23

It’s going pretty good.

You feel a little tired, but you’re feeling good. And yeah, again, like all nights, you miss him. You miss him like you didn’t just see him hours ago, like you weren’t just in bed with him while he kissed you and held you in his arms. Like you weren’t just laughing with him about mouthwash and winking and hair. Yeah, you miss him. Like you won’t see him tomorrow. Yes, you will see him tomorrow.

You’re excited right now for the future, but you also feel a little anxious.

You would like to speak for graduation, but you are trying to figure out how to write your speech.

And now that you brings here, typing away your thoughts, so you can loosen yourself up for speech writing, well at least the framework of speech-writing.

You hope everything works out.

This is one of the best nights so far of this two months.


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