Two Months: Day 23

Today went very well.

You saw him today after getting out of class early. You said after today, you’ll go back to your break. You mentioned the lying, you had him say sorry again. You mentioned them, and then realized both of you didn’t want to kill the moment.

Damn, there was even this one moment where you were teasing him and he pretended to be sensitive and asked you to go. You stared over at him, thinking he was serious. Then he said he was just kidding. Woah, seriously though, you thought he started being really sensitive. Anyways, you guys laughed moments after, something about armpits or something weird like that, and it was fine again.

So instead, you cuddled and you told him everything you wanted to tell him. And it felt really good. You both said you loved each other, you more than him though. You know he loves you without him constantly repeating it like you, but honestly, I think you really love hearing I love you, even when you know he already does. Anyways it felt good for him to hold you and to laugh with him in bed. It felt good to tell him all the random things you’ve been holding in.

Now you just feel calm.

While waiting for the bus, you guys continued talking and laughing. He said he didn’t regret today.

The password thing, mentioned when talking about jokes on tumblr. He said his passwords, although changed, were still guessable. You don’t want to look right now.

You both talked about your plans for the break and what your goals were. Yours: Learning the splits, (getting in shape, you didn’t tell him this). His: Getting buff, getting a car, wait for you to come over and ask him out. Blaaaaaah, you were going to wait for him. Well, we’ll see what happens next.

Every time after you guys talk, he’s been starting the clock over again. You though have just been counting since the beginning of April. In the end, it was agreed that after seeing each other today, you won’t talk to each other for a month. Hey, fine by me, that’s actually shorter than it’s supposed to be.

To be honest, I think not talking to him for that long might do you good. You get your space, he gets his. You’re doing you, he’s doing him. It’s all gonna be alright. In fact, in the end, it really is gonna be amazing.


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